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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make Up


Your eyebrows are the frames of your face. They give style and definition to your appearance and they can make the other features on your face appear more or less prominent. If your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving or alopecia, semi-permanent eyebrow make up may be just what you need to make your eyebrows look there best. But is the procedure really as safe as the practitioners would have you believe? Read on to learn more about semi-permanent eyebrow make up and the pros and cons of this relatively new procedure.

What Is Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up?

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup involves the injection of pigmented dyes or inks into the dermal layer of the skin. It can be used, just like traditional eyebrow make up to fill in sparse areas of the eyebrow and define the shape and texture of the eyebrow. However, unlike traditional cosmetics, semi-permanent eyebrow make up does not wash off. In fact, it is difficult if not impossible to remove. This may be a benefit for individuals who wish to cut back on the time it takes to apply eye brow make up each day. But for those who wish to make changes to the style of their eye brows, semi permanent make up may be a disappointment.

How Is Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up Applied?

Semi permanent eyebrow make up is applied as an outpatient procedure. It should only be attempted by a licensed physician or specialist who is trained in these cosmetic procedures. The procedure will begin with the application of a numbing cream to the brow line and surrounding tissues. The practitioner will then simulate the application of semi permanent eyebrow make up by filling in the area with a pencil. Finally, using a needle and pigments that have both been sterilized, the practitioner will inject the color into the dermal layer of the skin. It will generally take about one hour for the entire procedure to be completed. Semi-permanent eyebrow make up application may require up to a week of recovery time.

Is There A Recovery Period For Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up Application?

For the first few days following the procedure, the brow area will be swollen and tender, and a light crust will form over the area. In addition, the eyebrow color will probably appear slightly darker than desired. After a few days, the swelling will subside and the crusty patch will fall off. It will take about a week for the eyebrow area to return to normal and achieve the desired look.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up Last?

Semi-permanent eyebrow make up is injected only as far as the outer layer of the skin. Therefore, it will continue to fade and recede as the skin cells begin to renew and slough away. Most practitioners recommend that the procedure be repeated about once every year to keep the eyebrow looking fresh. After about two to five years, the eyebrow make up will just about disappear.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up?

There are a number of health concerns associated with any procedure that involves needles and injection. Unsafe or unhygienic procedures can lead to the development of bacterial, fungal and viral infections, including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

The US Food and Drug Administration has also raised concerns about the types of pigments and dyes that are used in any kind of injectable dye procedure. The FDA is responsible for overseeing the materials that are used in permanent and semi permanent make up procedures, however, they are not capable of assuring the quality of materials used by each practitioner. Therefore, the FDA is concerned about the quality of pigments and color additives that are being used for these cosmetic procedures. According to the FDA, there are many practitioners that use dyes and pigments that are not approved for skin contact but are instead industrial grade, for example, “suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.”

People who undergo semi-permanent make up application also run the risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to the dyes and pigments used in the procedure. The development of keloids or permanent, disfiguring scars is another possible side effect of semi permanent eyebrow make up application. In addition, semi permanent make up can interfere with medical procedures such as an MRI.

The Pros and Cons of Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Make Up

  • Pros: Individuals who have trouble seeing or grasping an eyebrow pencil may benefit from the application of semi permanent eyebrow make up. Semi-permanent eyebrow make up can reduce the time and inconvenience of applying eyebrow makeup on a daily basis, especially for those who consider this task a chore. Because it does not wash away, it may be helpful for those who want to appear freshly made up after showering or swimming.
  • Cons: Semi-permanent is difficult if not impossible to remove completely. In addition, semi permanent make up presents the same complications and risks that are associated with tattoos and permanent make up such as infections, allergic reactions, and the development of permanent scars.

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